#1 Medical CBD Solution

Taking Care of your health

ISOCare is an innovative secure platform for the cannabis treatment industry that enables and supports physicians in the longitudinal care of their patients’ health. The platform will allow collaborative care with doctors and mentor certified cannabis practitioners to achieve health outcomes including medicinal cannabis therapies.


We’re doing our best to provide


with the right tools and serve you efficiently

Personal Care

No matter which dispensary you visit- you’re secure

Automatic Shipment

We regularly ship your filled prescriptions to you.

No wait times

Skip the lines – order and communicate online, quickly

You’re unique in your needs

Why should you settle for standard?


Our unique multi-platform system was built and beta’d for doctors. ISO Care is the one platform for all your Medical Cannabis tech solutions.

  • Reliable Support 24/7
  • Easy ID Verification system
  • Track and Trace – Each transaction that is completed on the system requires a traceable staff confirmation.

Tools for Doctors

We’ve worked hard to make it very simple to process your clients complex requests.

We continuously collaborate with government officials to ensure that, ISO Care solutions are fully compliant with current and upcoming legislation. Some agencies believe us to be the unofficial benchmark in this regard.

User Friendly

Personalize every customer’s visit by using their profile to identify preferences

ID Verification

Verify authenticity of government ID’s with the integrated ID scanning

Pre-Order System

Offer customers the convenience of placing a mobile preorder


Our infrastructure is secured with the same security system as banks.

We’ve thought this through and through

Your health & security deserves every bit of careful thought.

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